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Software: are various types of variable programs used in operating a PC. The hardware is invariable.

Every PC has a list of software installed on it. The most important of all, is the operating system (OS). It is very essential because it provides the environment through which the PC user interacts with the hardware and as well as making uses of the application programs installed on the PC.

Today, most PC systems have some essential software pre-installed or included in the OS. These essential programs are very useful to a level, depending on its purpose. Apple – Mac OS X and Microsoft (MS) – Windows are good examples of such operating systems.

In Mac OS X, some included software – to mention but a few – are: Finder, Script Editor, QuickTime, iTunes, iMovie, Safari etc. In MS Windows: Text Editor –NotePad, Windows Explorer, SCANDISK, CHKDSK, DEFRAG etc.

The basic application software which is incorporated in an OS is for some professionals too basic that they need to buy a third-party software in order to improve on what already exist in their PC. It is therefore, very difficult to make a comprehensive list of the software that could be defined as a standard for every PC.

Certain software are considered essential today and every PC that is still functioning should have them and these are: the Anti-virus software, FireWall (could also be hardware), Backup Software, Acrobat Reader, WinZip, WinRAR, etc. check some of the Essential PC Software here.

Note these software terminologies:

 Software is mostly distributed on a CD/DVD – ROMS, Diskettes and/or downloaded from the Internet.

Some application programs are: word processors, spreadsheets etc., and there are also presentations, graphics and CAD/CAM software.

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