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Computer Hope

Computer Hardware and Software

It is only a healthy Compter can perfectly compute

Is it enough to understand that a computer is made up of hardware and software? Or it is enough when the computer boots and the day's duties are done? What's next when nothing works or performance is reduced?

Are you about to buy new computer, because the old one has broken down due to lack of maintenance?

Stop the PC problems before they stop you

It is only a healthy Computer can “perfectly” compute. In other to achieve this, the hardware and software of the system have to be cared for. Create a preventive maintenance plan.

When your PC is being cared for, it won't crash. If you lose your data, it might cost you not only your job; that is.

Heat and Moisture are the most dangerous foes to your PC. Excess heat increases the deterioration of the precious circuits in your system. The overheating in a PC is commonly caused by dust and dirt. A thin layer of dust or dirt can raise the temperature of your machine's components. The chipsets on the motherboard generate a lot of heat which through good air circulation is transported out of the system.

It’s worthy to keep your system clean, inside and out. This reduces the "graceful" degradation of the hardware and software.

If your PC is located in a relatively clean environment, an annual cleaning should suffice. But in most real-world locations, your system may need to be cleaned every few months.

It’s also very important to keep not only your system's hardware drivers updated, but also the software. The updates are commonly available in the producers’ websites. Beware of the Beta versions of the drivers!

Mind the software you install on your computer.


It is only a standalone computer may be safe. Once it’s connected to a network, like the internet, it is then exposed to the “very busy world’”. But what will a pc look like without network? Some useful user software packets like virus scanner, firewall (could also be hardware), Antispyware etc, protect the pc; and should be installed before connecting it to network. Correct configuration of the software offers a good degree of protection to what leaves or comes into your pc from the network. Some virus protection freeware and shareware that are good for private use could be found in internet.

*Note: Only one Anti-virus and Firewall software should be installed at a time.

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