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Vienna - 26/03/2012

A Jinks by Imo Indigenes in Vienna

The long awaited efforts to put together Imo State indigenes residing in Vienna have finally reared. News In Brief gathered that the frantic efforts were tailored by some good spirited Imolites after series of tight closed-door meetings. An impeccable source revealed that solid plans on how to achieve this have been laid out and may remain unrevealed till the popular date of April, 1st 2012.

It should not be forgotten that the Imo State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which was named after Imo River, with its capital in Owerri, used to be part of East-Central State and was created in 1976. Another state named Abia, with its capital in Umuahia, was carved out of Imo State in 1991. Imo State has a population of about 4 million. It ranked 13th of the 36 Nigerian States in the 2006 census.

Imo State, besides it capital, is made up of other cities which include: Isu, Okigwe, Oguta, Orlu, Mbaise, Mbano, Orodo and Orsu. People of these great cities residing in Vienna have diligently thought it wise right now to get united to present a common front in whatever they do in Vienna and Austria at large. In their words: “Therefore, Imo state indigenes living in Vienna, Austria are calling on all sons and daughters of the state for a meeting in order to have a formidable force and harmonise our various visions.....” This appeal was made via E-Mail, subject: “Have You Heard The News? Imo Is Alive Home And Abroad” on the 23rd March 2012.

In addition, News In Brief strongly believes that the current trend of South-Eastern States self-styled identification in Vienna would change into a wholly different form in the near future to house the rebirth of the already weakened momentum driving its central body here.

News In Brief was extremely enthused on reading about the concept of coming together of this great state with a good number of Igbo folks - if not the largest - residing in Vienna. News In Brief hopes that other States will take a cue from this particular period of history. Anambra and Enugu States have long found strength in their nuclei.

News In Brief wishes the Imo State indigenes in Vienna a very good start.

Have You Heard The News? >>PDF 50KB



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Population of Nigerians in Vienna (Statistic 2006)
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