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Computer Hope


This is an information processing system that automatically calculates data within the shortest time range. The machine is made up of hardware and software. It has provisions for the attachment of input and output devices - the Peripherals - such as monitor, printer, mouse, keyboard, video camera, scanner, microphone …


Computer hardware is the physical part of a computer.


Software is generally referred to as a program used to operate a computer and similar devices.


Networking is a method whereby computing devices are linked together with hardware and software that support data communications across these devices.

Pc Boot Sequence:

What exactly happens when you “push” the button to turn on your computer? A typical boot sequence of a computer involves many steps which happen within a very short time. (A healthy PC boots under 55 seconds).There are two types of booting: "cold" and "warm" booting. The cold booting involves turning on the PC from the off position and the warm booting is the retarting of the PC either with the reset button or by the combination of the :Crt+Alt+Delete.


Information on computer has no limit. It is very dynamic, the technology is being improved on regularly because the world, as it seems today, can eventually not do without the calculator – Computer.

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