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Limited Cards
::Brings your feeling and future to a hard copy::

limited_invitation cards

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It's not enough to orally inform people of an occasion or products. It's not enough to place only one advertisement. Repetition and reminding keep the mind focused and refreshed.

Express your feelings. These feelings could be done electronically or on a hard copy. Give the eyes what they take and they will relate the message to brain, then the mind will feel it.

Limited cards precisely reduces your feelings on bits which will be translated into vision. See it! Feel it! Details on how to.

Red Eyes Effect:

red eyes effect: before and after correction

People some time forget to turn on the red eye reduction function of their cameras or even if it's turned on, some of the pictures taken tend to have the "the red eye" effect. This affect mostly, the pictures that could have been the best.

Get rid of "red-eye" effects on your valued digital pictures today if you can't avoid the flash reflection. See the pictures above, where the red eye effects were digitally removed.

Owing to the fact that the flash shines its light into the eyes (into the retinas) before the picture is taken, the pupil contrast, but not enough to prevent the reflection; hence the red eyes.(which are the blood vessels nourishing the eye). Details on how to...

Digital Photos Recovery:

Flash memory card or memory card is a solid state data storage device used in digital cameras, Cell phones, laptops, etc.

Have you ever had a problem of retrieving the pictures you have taken from your Flash Card? Or have you ever erased/reformatted the memory card unknowingly? If this has happened to you and you did not over-write the card with new photos, wait a minute, the erased pictures could be recovered. Details on how to.

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