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The Computer Chipset



Chipset handles data

Intel, VIA, Nvidia and some other firms produce chipsets. Their latest products show some relative better improvements on their performance. The chipsets, which are located on the mother board perform specific functions. We have severally heard of CPU, graphic cards, random access memory (RAM), hard disc drive and their rolls in a PC. What do we know about the chipset?

The two major microchips that make up the chipset are referred to as North bridge and South bridge partly due to their locations on the mother board. The North bridge takes care of data for the main memory (RAM) which includes the front side bus (FSB) and AGP port. In a PC, the most important tasks performed by the CPU and RAM are coordinated by North bridge. A great amount of speed and accuracy are required here. However, both North and South bridges are required for the PC to work. The South bridge takes care of data from the PCI, ISA and other integrated PC components.

The most important function of the chipset is the data throughput. The data that the PC components acquire or require need to be transported. The highway for this is the bus. Through the chipset, the data are transported to where they are needed. The back side bus (BSB) is exempted from this rule since it is located between the CPU and the cache memory- which is on the die. Besides the BSB, every other bus goes to the chipset to get direction on how to handle the data it is carrying. Due to the fact that the chipset handles an enormous amount of data, it requires the equivalent speed to do its duties.

We have known that the chipset directs the data flow in a PC, it is very important to have the right chipset on the mother board that supports the CPU. Like the chipset, many other firms produce CPUs. A slower chipset could lead to overall performance of the PC. This could be more damaging as a slower RAM or CPU to the system.

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